can you believe this child is turning 43 today?

"That’s the most common mistake that I’ve made: hiding the truth. It’s much easier to do the hard thing and talk about the truth before it gets worse."

A child waits patiently for the grown ups to finish working so he can go out and play. [x]


Someone send a runner for the feeling that I lost today.
"Nick Cave - honestly there is no hiding that I am a massive Nick Cave follower, I actually have followed him around, he hates me."
Matt Berninger (via putonyourbathingsuits)


"When you were in high school and college, and you were kind of allying yourself into certain musical genre like I was, my friends were all listening to AC/DC, and then, for whatever reason, I went for The Smiths. And it was a way I defined myself as an individual. I think when you are younger, you get very protective and defensive of your own identity, and you wanna validate your position in the world versus other people, something like that… But as you get older, you grow up and you realize… you just start to find the beauty in so many different things that you kind of maybe turned your nose up at"


The National Bumper Photos [x]